Summer So Far

It's July 15th and so far the summer has been incredible.  We have a solid crew that we go out with at night to dinners/bars/concerts/movies.  There have been some huge bands that have been on my radio show and the DirecTV and Buzznet gigs continue to get better each day as well.  Warped Tour Pomona and Ventura was a ton of fun and I am very excited for Warped Los Angeles in August.  There have been certain bands that have provided our soundtrack to the summer so far: Bayside, Sum 41, Less Than Jake, MXPX and New Found Glory.  I wish I updated this every day like I used to.  I have had some HUGE meetings this summer and hopefully by September DJ Rossstar as a personality will be on the next level. I need to update this more!

--DJ Rossstar

Two Days Until My Birthday

Wow.  In two days I will be 25 years old.  I can't believe how fast time goes.  It seems like yesterday I was 22 and fresh out of college.  Living in Los Angeles is great because it tends to make time stand still.  You can go out on a Saturday night and see people of ALL ages out at 2am.  I am proud of what I am accomplished in the past 5 years of being a host/personality and I feel that with age I will get only better at it!

This past weekend I went to a festival at the Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA.  I  thought the show was going to actually be on the Queen Mary ship but it was in the little village-esque area outside of it.  Louis and I got there at 4pm to see National Product.   Danny's voice has gotten even better and he can reach a whole range of keys now.  The Dear And Departed also sounded great.

There were six stages and a good number of people at the event.

Later on in the night, Zebrahead, one of my Top 10 favorite bands, performed to a packed crowd.  I have seen them a lot of times and they always put one on of the most entertaining shows.  Plus they sound incredible live!

Unwritten Law played after and I was excited to see them because I don't even remember if I have ever seen them live before.

We left the festival at around 11pm and headed back to Los Angeles.

Now it's Tuesday and I am writing this from the fabulous Buzznet office. 

My birthday party should be great.  50+ people are coming and I am making sure that a lot of people bring cameras.

--DJ Rossstar  

The Birthday Is Approaching.....

So today is May 20th 2007.  In 32 days I will be 25 years old and unlike 22, 23 and 24....this one is actually bothering me.  I didn't think of 25 as being "old" until very recently.  My friends range in age (19-27) and the majority of my listeners range in age (12-30).  I feel as if I am able to relate to people of all ages, which is what I believe is key to being a successful host.  I still go out as much as possible and I have just as much energy as I always have, if not more.

Perhaps it's some of the people around me that make me aware of my age.  I constantly hear people announcing their engagements, weddings and sometimes even pregnancies.  I guess you can't really put an age on when someone is ready for those things in their life.  Everyone works differently.  It's just that hearing it now seems more realistic as opposed to if someone were to announce their wedding when I was still in High School.  My friends have careers now.  They go to work during the day and are trying to achieve their own personal goals, whatever they may be, as am I.

Either way, I couldn't be happier with the profession I have chosen and the things I have experienced in my career since starting the show in 2002 and moving to LA in 2004.  I will accept my birthday as I start to realize that it truly is just a number and will not change who I am or what I am trying to accomplish.

--dj rossstar

My Bamboozle Review

I arrived at Newark Airport in New Jersey on Friday at 5pm EST. My family picked me up and we had dinner at Chilis. Afterwards, I met up with my friends Shelly and Ilene (from San Diego) and we checked into out hotel, Extended Stay of America, which was a mile away from the venue.

That night we went into New York City to check out the Pre-Bamboozle Party at Fontana's which was extremely packed and a lot of fun. I ran into some old friends and the atmosphere in general got me excited for the festival. We got back to our hotel around 2 am and went to sleep.

We arrived at Bamboozle at 10:30am because I wanted to see the Andrew WK Pep Rally. Although I am a fan of Andrew WK's music and was sad he wasn't performing, I was excited to see him speak. While it was fun watching Andrew WK get everyone hyped up for the day, it kind of dragged on a bit. His speech was around 40 minutes and around the 20 minute point it looked as if he was running out of things to talk about. Regardless, I am glad I got to see it!

As I walked into Bamboozle, the first thing I noticed was how huge it was. The last time I had attended Bamboozle, was in 2004 when it was still known as Skate and Surf (Bamboozle existed back then as well but was geared towards mostly rock and hip-hop) when it was at Asbury Park's Convention Hall and consisted of several different rooms inside of one large building.

Now it was in Giants Stadium's parking lot and contained numerous stages, a few rides, tons of food stands, tons of merch stands and 1000's of people in between. Even though Skate and Surf haf a huge turn out the years I went (2003, 2004) the amount of people in attendance was overwhelming. It really allowed me to see first hand just how big the scene has gotten over the past few years. There must have been at least 50,000 people there both days.

On Day 1 I was able to watch performances from Boys Like Girls (I can't believe how huge they have become!), Cartel, New Found Glory (played an incredible setlist), Say Anything (I am proud of my good friend Coby and all his band has achieved so far), part of The Hush Sound, The Matches (Always amazing to watch!), Van Stone (whose gimmick is STILL funny to me), MC Hammer (wasn't as funny as I had expected) and I ended the night by watching a live performance of the famous SHOES video by Kelly.

I did some interviews during the day (which you can view on my Buzznet video page along with videos from the performances), hung out with friends who I haven't seen in a long time and met around 25 listeners of my radio show.

Overall the day was a ton of fun and we ended the night by having a nice dinner at an Italian restaurant and a mini-party in our hotel room. We went to bed again at around 3am.

I woke up Sunday and was ready for Day 2 of Bamboozle! (even with my sunburn and allergies)
We arrived at the venue around the same time as Day 1 and the first I band I saw as I entered was Blessthefall, rocking out at 11:30am!!

During the day I caught parts of sets from All Time Low (who I first had one my show when they were only 16!), Brand New (who played the same song twice for some reason), Four Letter Lie, It Dies Today, Jack's Mannequin (sounds just as great live as on CD), The Matches, The Secret Handshake, Yellowcard, Weird Al (I can not even tell you how amazing he was) and Linkin Park (first time seeing them, I enjoyed it)

I did some more interviews, met some more listeners, hung out with some more friends and once again had an incredible day at Bamboozle. We headed back to the hotel afterwards to relax and then checked out a party that was going on in the Sheraton lobby. We found another party in the 3rd floor HALLWAY where I found my buddies in Powerspace. We headed back down to the Sheraton lobby which was exactly what it sounds like, 60+ people from Bamboozle hanging out in a random, right? We headed back to the hotel at around 2am and went to sleep at around 3am again.

My flight back to Los Angeles was at 3:15pm EST. I got home at around 6pm PST, watched 24 and went to sleep (finally!)

Overall, I had a great time at Bamboozle and it looks as if Bamboozle 2008 is going to be even bigger!! (not to mention Bamboozle Left in October)

--dj rossstar

Working Class Hero Is Something To Be

So I've been going out a lot the past few weeks.  I mean I usually go out as often as possible but lately even more so...and I love it.

I have said it so many times and I still mean it that living in Los Angeles is like being on vacation 24/7

Today Steve, Chelsea and I went to the Griffith Observatory.  The Observatory is located high up in the hills and you get a great 360 view of Los Angeles.  It has very detailed information about all the planets, gases in space and probably my favorite, a whole section on meteors that have crashed onto Earth!  The planetarium show was fantastic (about space and galaxies) and we need to take a trip there again at night because starting at 7pm you can look through the giant telescope and the rumor is that you can see Mars!

After Griffith we headed over to Yamashiro, a CaliAsian restaurant that is also high in the hills of Hollywood, giving another incredible view.  I had Rock Lobster sushi, miso soup and edimame .  The middle of the restaurant has a beautifully decorated garden.  Definately go there if you visit LA.  The restaurant is hidden up a windy street on Sycamore Street in Hollywood, CA.

After Yamashiro, we headed to Pinkberry for dessert.  It's a very trendy place in LA but soooo good.  Plain yogurt with real blueberries, strawberries and pineapples as toppings! 

After Pinkberry, we headed to Billy's house where we watched Gremlins, which I haven't seen in almost 10 years.  It was definately cheesier than I remember and the puppets didn't look as real to me as they did when I was 8!

This Monday at 2am PST, Green Day's cover of John Lennon's "Working Class Hero" goes on sale on ITunes.  I have heard 30 seconds of the song and it is already the best song I have heard in 2007.  Those who know me know that there is NOTHING that makes me more excited than hearing a new Green Day song for the first time. (Even if it's a cover!)

That's it for now!! Bamboozle is one week!

--dj rossstar

DJ Rossstar Action Packed Weekend

Hey everyone!

This is has been an action packed weekend.

Friday night I did an interviewed with Coby and Max of  Say Anything for Live Nation.  Live Nation is a huge company and this was definitely the biggest interview I have ever done in that sense. (3 camera filming, wireless mics)

After the interview, I headed over to the Key Club for the Warped Tour Kickoff Party.  When I first got there I did video interviews for Buzznet with The Almost, Drop Dead Gorgeous, BlessTheFall, Bleed The Dream, I Am Ghost and more.

The rest of the night was spent catching up with people in the music business and spending time with some of my closest friends.  I watched Meg And Dia and The Almost perform at the party as well.

Saturday, Jorge, Jason, Steve, Chelsea and I went to Universal Studios.  I have a season pass and wanted to check out the all new House of Horrors which replaced Van Helsing.

I thought it was a really good walk through haunted house.  They even have a room devoted to Chucky with a ton of Chucky dolls!  I don't want to give away the you should go see for yourself!

At night, Jason and I drove to Pomona to see Say Anything at the Glasshouse.

Coby (drums) has been one of my closest friends for over a year, yet I have only seen them play live once.  The show was completely sold out.  We were able to watch from on stage and it was incredible seeing everyone singing back the words to the songs and really feeling the music.  They are definitely on the way to becoming a huge band.  We hung out on the tour bus afterwards with a bunch of our friends until Coby had to leave to go to the airport.  A met a few listeners at the show as well, which is always exciting.

I was told there is a sort-of DJ Rossstar reference in the movie Disturbia.  There is a scene where someone is watching TV and flips to HAVOC TV (although sadly you don't actually see me!)

I hope everyone had a great weekend!  This week Everybody Else and Hot Rod Circuit will be on my radio show.

Finally, order a DJ Rossstar T-Shirt!  They are only 10$!!  Email me at if you are interested.

The shirt comes in S, M, L and XL and here it is below modeled by Kimb and worn by the singer of Powerspace (Fueled By Ramen Records)

--dj rossstar

My Grindhouse Review

I've always been a huge horror fan but the past 2 years Big Jon has introduced me to a large number of Italian horror films and exploitation films from the 1970's and early 1980's. I was also taught about Grindhouse theaters that existed in the '70s and were primarily located in New York City. Grindhouse theaters would show two movies back to back and were primarily of two different genre. Action Film / Horror Film or Exploitation Film / Kung Fu Film

When I heard Tarantino and Rodriguez were making a Double Feature and calling it Grindhouse I was extremely excited. Big Jon I attended the 7pm showing tonight and the movie let out at 10:20pm. If you are going to see it, try not to drink too much (lemonade) before so you don't have to go the bathroom.

I don't want to give too much away but I will put it like this.

Planet Terror (Rodriguez) was a zombie-esque film that definitely played homage to those films of the '70's-early '80s. Almost everything from the the dialog, to the storyline, to the film quality itself was just like those old films I've watched. It's hard to explain it in writing. If you've seen some of the movies I have seen and then see Planet Terror you will pick up on little things. The movie was very fun, the make-up and effects were in incredible. The actors played their roles very well and their were some unique parts to the movie as well (Rose McGowan's gun leg)

After Planet Terror came 3 fake horror previews that were almost replicas of the exploitation and horror movies from the '70 and '80s. My favorite one was simply called Thanksgiving. Besides fake previews they also had vintage style commercials and even the coming attractions images were used from the '70s. I was laughing during this whole in-between part of both movies.

Last came Death Proof (Tarantino) and it was awful. Although I have never seen any, I know that car chase type movies were also popular in the 70's in Grindhouse Theaters. Big Jon told me how most of them were in fact long, drawn out and boring at times which is what Tarantino tried to do...however this movie was tooooo boring. The first 30 minutes (besides one death scene) is completely and utterly dull dialogue that isn't interesting at all. I honestly almost walked out! Finally there is a 20 minute car chase scene that isn't even that good or exciting. The movie isn't as long as Planet Terror and the acting certainly isn't as good at all.

Overall, the first 2 hours were well enjoyed and the last was not. I would go see the first half again anytime and the previews but I doubt I would watch Death Proof again!! Sorry Tarantino fans. It just didn't work.

--dj rossstar

TMNT + Bamboozle

I never thought I would see Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on the big screen again. When I first heard about the new movie, TMNT, I was upset that it was CGI and not live action. In fact, I didn't even watch all the previews and almost forgot it was coming out. Then I started seeing commercials for it and realized how big of a fan I still am. I saw the movie opening night and it was better than I expected. It had a great story, great battle scenes, great CGI, great everything. It was under 90 minutes but managed to leave me very happy in the end. I was shocked that only 15 people were in the theater opening night at 8pm but it still made $25 million, so maybe I picked a bad place to see it. The Hills Have Eyes 2 finally came out as well, which I saw back in January and was amazing. Next up...Grindhouse!

Last Wednesday From First To Last came to my show for their first time in studio. We had 17,000 listeners, a DJ Rossstar record. This was their first interview since Sonny Moore left the band. Matt is now singing for them anf playing guitar. I hope they come on again soon.

Buzznet is going well and so is the new DirecTV 101 show I have been hosting every Monday. I like being able to have 4 things going on at once, all related to myself as a host/personality. I have worked so hard the past 5 years and it has definately been paying off. Each year gets even better. I can't wait to fly to Bamboozle in NY on May 5th and 6th. I will be interviewing everyone for Buzznet AND I will get to meet all of the listeners on the East Coast who are attending!


--DJ Rossstar

DirecTV Show

I am writing this from the Buzznet office. I love working here.

The Havoc On The 101 TV Show on DirecTV 101 finally started this week!

I hosted it on Monday night and I will probably stick to 1-2 nights a week because it's from 11pm-3am. Although you don't actually see me on the show, I am constantly writing messages on the TV screen as DJ Rossstar and I am also able to play my video interviews that air on Video On it will still be some great exposure.

This week Buzznet sent me to interview Taking Back Sunday and Underoath with a 2 person camera crew. Both bands were incredibly nice and we got some hilarious footage. Underoath took us on their bus and challenged me to XBOX360 and TBS and I went outside towards the line to greet hundreds of screaming fans.

I love radio but I also love filming video interviews and getting out my apartment to do them!

Tonight, Alex from my college is having a party Downtown at a Dungeon Burlesque Show. It should be crazy!

Also, Say Anything is on Last Call With Carson Daly tonight and Coby (drums) is wearing a DJ Rossstar T-Shirt so watch it!

I finally got a manager working with me to bring the show to the next level.

I've had some big interviews this month and the show is catching on more and more each week.
I'm about to hit 40,000 Myspace friends and 145,000 Buzznet friends. Hopefully, 90% of them tune in each show!

--dj rossstar


So I recently went to Florida to visit my grandparents and parents (and aunt and cousin.)
It was fun, although I hate hate hate flying...It makes me so nervous.

I managed to score an interview over there with Swept Away TV. They asked me all about my radio show, tv show and more. The show airs in 64 markets in the USA and when I get more info I will post it and hopefully the Youtube video of it for people who can't see it.

We also went to the LioN Country Safari in Florida which is amazing. The animals come right up to your car! I saw my old camp counselor Bonnie who I haven't seen since I was around 18 and before that that was a trip down memory lane. I got to show her everything I am doing with my shows.

Buzznet is great as usual. I love working there. I just had Sugarcult on my show and Permanent Me....Some huge guests this month!! Hopefully more people will start catching on with every show! Tonight I am going to see Boys Like Girl at HOB, Anaheim. It's amazing. 6 Months ago I got their CD and begged everyone to go listen to it, and now they are on Jimmy Kimmel Live and playign sold out shows...good for them! I am glad people know at least one great band :)

--dj rossstar